Friends & Partners

The Christian Apologetics Alliance is currently the primary ‘network of networks’ for the global apologetics community. The membership of the CAA encompasses every continent. It includes high school students who are just learning to defend their faith with reason and senior leaders of respected apologetics organizations. It includes both men and women, from a wide variety of vocations, from hundreds of denominations.

But in all of our diversity, we share a love for God and a passion for apologetics.

We are in the process of developing more formal partnerships with a variety of other institutions and organizations. Our goal is to find mutually beneficial ways of connecting with other groups for the advance of the gospel.

We look forward to adding more partners soon! If you represent a leading apologetics organization or institution, please learn more about how to partner with the CAA.

Our current friends and partners include:

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HBU Logo buttonOur Partnership with Houston Baptist University

With Houston Baptist University’s Master’s in Apologetics Program, we have agreed upon the following “Statement of Support”:

  • The CAA recognizes Houston Baptist University’s (HBU) Masters in Apologetics (MAA) program as an Affiliated Apologetics Program. HBU’s MAA program recognizes the CAA as an Affiliated Apologist Group.
  • The CAA welcomes official representatives of HBU’s MAA program to announce relevant degree programs, application dates, conferences, lectures, and other events in the CAA Facebook group and on the CAA blog.
  • HBU’s MAA program will appoint a trusted person to serve as the HBU-CAA liaison, with responsibility for adding HBU’s MAA faculty, students, conference attendees, and others into the CAA Facebook group.
  • Faculty and students connected to HBU’s MAA program will participate in the CAA community, with at least some class assignments directed to making contributions to the CAA blog, website, or community in general.
  • Our mutual hope is that this partnership will serve to glorify God, grow His kingdom, promote apologetics in the church, lead people to faith, and strengthen both HBU’s MAA program and the CAA.
  • This statement of support may be ended, without any penalty whatsoever, upon written notice from an appropriate representative of either HBU’s MAA program or the CAA. This statement of support may be modified, without any penalty whatsoever, upon mutual agreement from official representatives of both HBU’s MAA program and the CAA.