Ask the Alliance: How and where do I start learning which religion is true?


:::Ask the Alliance Question #5::: Question submitted by Robyn: “I’m struggling with making a commitment to learning why any religion is true. One of the main things I think I’m struggling with is that finding a religion to be true would require me to make some huge changes. Do you have any advice on how to […]

Introduction to The Freed Thinker – First Edition


First impressions matter. As this is my first post to this forum I had considered a short introduction but saw the oozing narcissism that such a post might expose and therefore decided for a slightly different route – faux humility perhaps.  Instead of laying myself bare on the plate, I will present a brief excursion […]

Welcome to the New and Improved Christian Apologetics Alliance Website!

I just wanted to take a few minutes to let everyone know that the new website for the Christian Apologetics Alliance is up and running. Much thanks to the CAA Admins who have put in so many hours to bring this vision to life! I don’t want to forget anyone, but I definitely want to […]