Ask the Alliance: How and where do I start learning which religion is true?

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Question submitted by Robyn: “I’m struggling with making a commitment to learning why any religion is true. One of the main things I think I’m struggling with is that finding a religion to be true would require me to make some huge changes. Do you have any advice on how to start and where to start?”

Note: We attempted to contact Robyn using the email address provided in the submission (including variations!), but our emails kept bouncing back.

Answers from the Alliance:

Robert Oram: ‘Robyn’ – Do some earnest self-reflection first: Start by removing the word ‘religion’ from your mind and all its connotations. Next, completely forget about ‘any changes’ you might need to make. Then, most importantly, ask yourself how important is it to you to find ‘the truth’ about the world you are living in. If there is any objective truth to anything in the world, how important will it be for you to find it? If you find that it would be important to you, then you can start making some practical plans about how to investigate & look into various claims made by various groups. For example, does God exist, did Jesus rise from the dead, what is the evidence for Islam etc. And as you go just remember what your motive is, no matter what.. You can then decide ‘what to do’ with what you find afterwards. Don’t be so preoccupied with that question that it clouds your efforts from the get-go. Good luck & God bless. [Read more…]

Introduction to The Freed Thinker – First Edition

First impressions matter. As this is my first post to this forum I had considered a short introduction but saw the oozing narcissism that such a post might expose and therefore decided for a slightly different route – faux humility perhaps.  Instead of laying myself bare on the plate, I will present a brief excursion into projects that I am currently working my way through. This is to pique your interest in my further posts and drive foot traffic toward my too often neglected blog ( and red-headed spin off of a podcast (The Freed Thinker Podcast) in order to encourage me to update them with more frequency (read: “make me feel horribly ashamed should I overlook it for too long for the toils and joys of daily life so that I force myself to lose nights of sleep and live on nothing but fruit roll ups and coffee just to get some posts and episodes up”). [Read more…]

Welcome to the New and Improved Christian Apologetics Alliance Website!

I just wanted to take a few minutes to let everyone know that the new website for the Christian Apologetics Alliance is up and running. Much thanks to the CAA Admins who have put in so many hours to bring this vision to life! I don’t want to forget anyone, but I definitely want to thank Arthur Khachatryan and Lauren Kimball. Special thanks also to the rest of the group for offering comments, contributing content, and offering general support and prayers.

We have big plans for CAA as we move forward, and we hope to be bringing many new features in the near future. You should immediately see several available features, including general site information, the ability to register as a CAA member, and a growing list of blogs that will be joining the CAA family over the next several weeks.

In the immediate future, we will be looking for blogs focusing on Christian Apologetics to join us here on the CAA page.  If you’ve got a blog you’d like us to consider, let us know!

For now, please look around and let us know your thoughts.  And as always, feel free to give us your feedback on what other directions you’d like to see the CAA go.

God continues to bless and guide our group and we give Him all the praise and glory. We look forward to getting to know each of you in the days and weeks to come, and we ask for your continuing prayers for this ministry.


Scott Rachui
The Christian Apologetics Alliance