Why Did God Kill the Midianite Boys in Numbers 31? Part Three.


Through literary apologetics, this four-part series examines one of the more difficult passages in which to reconcile the God of the Old Testament with the God of love, namely Numbers 31:13-18, which records the mass killing of Midianites including baby boys. As mentioned before, I find this particular passage abhorrent; however, after researching the cultural […]

Inside Out


Pixar’s latest blockbuster, Inside Out, chronicles the life of Riley, an eleven-year-old girl, as she moves with her family from an idyllic, postcard kind of town to a large and lonely city. And by “chronicles the life of Riley I mean it tells her story by focusing mostly on her five core emotions: Joy, Anger, Disgust, Fear […]

Mining for God

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— on TV this Saturday — Brandon McGuire grew up with a Midwestern American view of Christianity. After college, though, he lived for three months in Africa, where he saw a very different kind of lived-out Christianity. When he came back to America, he started to pay more attention to what people think about Christianity. […]

Book Review: The Case For Life- Part 1 Of 4


I have been quite excited to read Scott Klusendorf’s The Case For Life: Equipping Christians to Engage the Culture (paperback, Kindle, GoodReads, Video Trailer, Interview, Life Training Institute). From my elementary school days, I have been exposed to pro-life Christians who have faced ridicule, fines, physical harm, and even jail time for their commitment to the unborn’s right to life. […]

Moving In The Wrong Direction

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Imagine that you are driving towards New York City, and you are aiming to go visit the Empire State Building as thousands of people do every year. As you are driving down the highway, you see the Empire State Building growing bigger, so you know that you are getting closer. However, after making a few […]