Moving In The Wrong Direction

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Imagine that you are driving towards New York City, and you are aiming to go visit the Empire State Building as thousands of people do every year. As you are driving down the highway, you see the Empire State Building growing bigger, so you know that you are getting closer. However, after making a few […]

Apologetics is not my Thing

Apologetics is not my Thing

Brothers, sisters, and fellow apologists: how many times have we ever heard, “This is really interesting stuff, I’m glad someone is doing it.” Or maybe, “I just don’t have the brain for remembering all those facts; I haven’t been blessed with that.” Or even, “I don’t really feel called to be intellectual about the Bible, […]

Why Did God Kill the Midianite Boys in Numbers 31? Part Two.


Through literary apologetics, this four-part series examines one of the more difficult passages in which to reconcile the God of the Old Testament with the God of love, namely Numbers 31:13-18, which records the mass killing of Midianites including baby boys. As mentioned before, I find this particular passage abhorrent; however, after researching the cultural […]

Undivided (The Unwind Dystology)


If you aren’t reading Neil Shusterman, you should be. Unwind  may be one of the best current Young Adult series addressing significant moral and social issues in a way that leads readers toward the truth. This review will cover the final book, Undivided. If you are not familiar with the series, it may be helpful to […]

Does Public Opinion Create Truth?


Much has been written in recent days about a research study from the Pew Research Center that has many people either worried or rejoicing that the percentage of self-identifying Christians in America seems to be on the decline.