Moving In The Wrong Direction

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Imagine that you are driving towards New York City, and you are aiming to go visit the Empire State Building as thousands of people do every year. As you are driving down the highway, you see the Empire State Building growing bigger, so you know that you are getting closer. However, after making a few […]

Atheist Matt Dillahunty Goes After Intelligent Design — and Stumbles

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I was recently directed to the above video featuring notable atheist Matt Dillahunty (with whom I have had interaction in the past). In it, Dillahunty makes a number of elementary mistakes that are quite common among popular-level criticisms of intelligent design. I thought it would be worthwhile to offer a short respon se. Misrepresenting Intelligent […]

Age of Ultron: Human Visions, Second Chances and Filled Gaps


The Avengers have invaded your local theaters – and the public consciousness. Critics like it and audiences love it. It passed the $700million dollar mark only eight days after its release, and a spokesperson for Disney said it should pass the $1.5 billion that the first movie brought in. That billion, with a ‘b’. The […]

Book Review: Who’s Afraid Of The Multiverse?

Who's Afraid of the Multiverse

Introduction As a Christian who is deeply interested in the sciences and what they bring to the table for defending the existence of God (and the truth of the Christian worldview, specifically), I have often encountered the idea that multiple worlds may exist, which seems to explain away the beginning of the universe and its […]

Necessary Existence of God


Judeo-Christians understand God as a being that is perfect in knowledge (Ps. 147:5), power (Job 42:2), presence (Ps. 139), acts (Ps. 18:30) and has none greater (Heb. 6:13) nor equal (Ps. 40:6). Following Anselm’s “credimus te esse aliquid quo nihil maius cogitari possit“¹, God is understood to be a Being that exhibits maximal perfection. God […]