About Jonathan McLatchie

Jonathan holds a Bachelor's degree (with Honors) in Forensic Biology, a Masters (M.Res) degree in Evolutionary Biology, and a second Master's degree in medical and molecular bioscience, and is presently a PhD student in cell biology.

Jonathan has participated in a number of internships -- those have been with the Discovery Institute in Seattle, with AllAboutGod in Colorado Springs, with Frank Turek in Charlotte, and with Josh McDowell Ministry in Dallas -- and is also a two-time graduate of the CrossExamined Instructor Academy (CIA) and the Discovery Institute's student summer seminar program.

Jonathan has also been interviewed on podcasts and radio shows including "Unbelievable?" on Premier Christian Radio, "Apologetics315", "Theology Matters with the Pellews", the "Solid Reasons Morning Show", "Dogma Debate", and Spice FM's Islamic "Eye on the East" program (airing in Tyneside, England), and has also been a featured guest on A9 TV's "Building Bridges" program, an Islamic TV show based in Istanbul Turkey.

Would Muhammad Have Approved of the Islamic State? Part 2: Influence in Medina

Mideast Islamic StateIn a previous article, I began a series of blog posts addressing the question of whether or not Muhammad would have approved of the Islamic state.  In the first instalment, I discussed Muhammad’s life in Mecca, and introduced the Islamic doctrines of abrogation and Taqiyya, both of which are found in the Qur’an itself. As I noted briefly at the conclusion of my earlier article, in 622 A.D., as a consequence of the hostility towards him from his tribe the Quraish, he was forced to flee to Yathrib (which he would rename Medina).

In this second installment, we shall examine the developments in Muhammad’s attitude as he gained influence in the city of Medina. [Read more…]

Would Muhammad Have Approved of the Islamic State? Part 1: The Meccan Years

ISISThe Islamic State (ISIS) have been in the news a lot recently as a result of a series of barbaric atrocities committed in the name of Islam. The question that the western media has been, for the most part, very reluctant to address openly is, “How representative is ISIS of the Islamic ideology?” It is the elephant in the room. Note that I am not asking “How representative is ISIS of Muslims?” Indeed, thankfully, the vast majority of Muslims in the west do not want to kill you. The majority of Muslims I have encountered in the UK have been very pleasant individuals, and I have enjoyed many a cordial debate with British Muslims. I think we should, nonetheless, be free to ask questions that many may find to be uncomfortable. Members of ISIS claim to be following the teachings of Islam as laid out in the Qur’an and by the prophet Muhammad as reported by the Hadith traditions. Peaceful Muslims in the west claim that ISIS have hijacked and greatly perverted an ideology that at its core promotes peace and tolerance. So who has correctly interpreted the teachings of Islam? Over the course of this and a series of subsequent articles, I seek to fairly evaluate this question. [Read more…]

Can We Trust the New Testament?

Can the New Testament documents be trusted? Do the Gospels accurately report what Jesus said and did? In this presentation, I investigate the historical data bearing on the dating of the New Testament documents, and ask whether there is good reason to think the four canonical gospels are written by the individuals with whom they are traditionally associated, and whether they are based on the testimony of credible eyewitnesses. This talk was originally presented at the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) in September of 2014.

A List of My Recorded Interviews, Debates and Talks To-Date

debating islam.jpgOver the past couple of years, I have been privileged to have the opportunity to participate in a number of radio and podcast interviews and debates, as well as present a number of lectures on subjects of interest to Christians. Those that have been recorded lie scattered around the internet, and so I thought it would be a good idea to compile the links to these resources into one post.

This listing was last updated on 21/03/2015. [Read more…]

Debating Christianity and Islam on Spice FM: A Conversation on the Deity of Christ

I was recently invited to do a debate on a local radio station that airs in Tyneside, England, called Spice FM. Every Thursday, a Muslim program, called “Eye on the East”, run by Muslim activist Daniel Johnson of the Islamic Diversity Center airs. In the video above, I take on Daniel Johnson and Muslim apologist Majid Younus on the identity of Christ and the validity of the Triune concept of God. Enjoy! You can listen to two other recent radio interviews I have done on the subject of Islam here and here.