About Chad Miller

Chad Miller became a Christian in late 1997 and instantly gravitated toward apologetics, even though his conversion had little to do with apologetic arguments. He originally started with "in house" apologetics to properly determine what version of Christianity was true, and then moved into the area of classical apologetics later.

He's continuing to grow further in his knowledge and understanding this crucial area of ministry, and one day hopes to serve as a lay Pastor of Apologetics. Contact him via Twitter if you have any questions.

Apologetics and evangelism: Bridge the divide at your Church

If there’s one focus a Church should have, it’s on evangelism and missions. It’s almost a little redundant to separate those since missions, properly understood, is evangelism. If we’re truly doing the will of the Lord and making disciples of all nations, we can’t do that by giving people clean water without giving them the water of eternal life. We can’t give them bread to fill their stomachs without teaching about the bread from heaven who can fill their souls. We can’t provide shelter from the storm without telling the story of the One who has the power to calm the storms (and I’m talking about literal storms here, not “the storms of life”).

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Achilles Heel: Internet Arguments

This clever picture really breaks down the state of affairs when it comes to arguing over the internet, especially when it comes to the arguments between Christians and Atheists.

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Why do some Christians seem to ignore the resurrection?

As one becomes entrenched in Christian Apologetics and studying the evidence for the Christian worldview, it doesn’t take long to discover the many convincing arguments for the bodily resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth from the grave. There are scores of solid arguments for theism in general (philosophical, scientific, etc), but as ambassadors for Christ, we are making a defense specifically for Christianity. The arguments for the resurrection of Jesus are extremely important for Christian Apologetics and typically the first place apologists go when directing people to the God of Christianity.

Most importantly, the resurrection is the cornerstone of the the gospel itself, yet it seems we don’t place a lot of emphasis on it in our evangelism, preaching, or conversations. Why is that?

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Conundrum: You want to get into apologetics but don’t have a degree – pt2

This is part two of my series on helping out the GED Apologist. For the first post, click here.

6. Enroll in certificate programs

This is probably one of the best things an aspiring Apologist can do and I can personally testify as to how much I’ve benefited from going this route. I’ve either completed these programs, currently working on them, or will most likely do them in the future. Here’s a list to get you started:

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Conundrum: You want to get into apologetics but don’t have a degree – pt1

When I became a Christian, I was immediately drawn to apologetics. Apologists are all wired a certain way, and I’m definitely wired in a way which causes me to dig deeper for answers to questions, especially those related to Christianity. I have plenty of questions which come from my own proclivity to doubt, plus there are questions from other Christians, questions from genuinely seeking nonbelievers… and then there’s the crowd of village atheists. As Christians, we need to know the questions and be prepared to give an informed response.

If you’re reading this, you most likely know exactly what I’m talking about and you want to become a better Christian apologist but perhaps can’t do it on a university level. Hopefully this will help.

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