A Love Stronger Yet Than Death

Arise my lover, awaken my bride
Let us drink of love as wine
In your kiss shall I abide
Forever in eternity entwined

So weak am I for your love
I lack the strength to weep
Yet shall I rise above
The terrors of the deep

All I do, with my last breath
Is for you, your life to save
A love stronger yet than death,
More powerful than the grave

–- The Prince
Prophecy of the Heir
(various versus from Song of Songs)

This poem (based on Song of Songs or The Song of Solomon) is an excerpt from the literary apologetics novel, Prophecy of the Heir. The poem is written by the Prince (the pre-incarnate Christ), who gives it to the Shekinah (Holy Spirit), who then inspires King Solomon to pen it.


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About JC Lamont

Historian and Greek scholar JC Lamont is the author of Prophecy of the Heir, a literary apologetics novel that covers the Old Testament through the use of allegory and fantasy. She is currently working on the sequel, Covenant of Blood, which covers the life of Christ.