Has Science Eliminated GOD?

In this teaching, I investigate the all important question: “Has Science Eliminated the Need for God?”  In a culture that is growing increasingly more committed to materialistic naturalism, and to a strong devotion to “scientism”, this is an extremely important issue to know how to address with your colleagues and friends when discussing the Christian Worldview.

Here are 5 reasons why science has not eliminated the need for God:

  1. The “Founding Fathers” of science were mostly Theists or Deists.
  2. 95% of science has nothing to do with Christianities truth claims.
  3. 5% of science does intersect with our worldview and is tremendously supportive of belief in God.
  4. ‘Scientism’ is a logically self-defeating/self-contradictory idea
  5. There are many realities that we believe in that are non-physical and outside the realm of scientific verification (morality, mathematics, logic, love, etc…)

Watch the video here


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About Nelis Ebersohn and Jason Dennett

Nelis Ebersohn and Jason Dennett from Intelligent Faith lives in San Juan Puerto Rico. They both attend Calvary Chapel of Puerto Rico where Jason is the teaching Pastor. After a 2 year study on the truth claims about Christianity, Jason gave his life to Christ in 1998. Nelis committed his life in 2004 and has been involved in apologetics ever since. They have an apologetics website, intelligentfaith315.com, you can visit their YouTube channel at youtube.com/user/intelligentfaith315, download their smartphone app, IF315, visit them on Facebook or Twitter. They also have an apologetics radio program on their local Christian radio station and various podcasts on iTunes.

  • John Moore

    You’re saying there’s no conflict at all? If 95% of science doesn’t touch Christian teachings and 5% supports Christian teachings, then the whole dispute is just a misunderstanding!

    On the other hand, maybe you don’t really understand science, or maybe you’ve got an idea in your mind about what science is, and your idea is very different from what 95% of scientists think. My guess is that you’re not really engaging your mind and considering the real issues here.