A Reponse to Phil Snider: Highlighting A Secular Response

When something goes “viral”, it’s a good idea to pay attention. Here’s the newest viral sensation: a Missouri pastor, speaking at a city council meeting, opens up his speech by taking a stance against gay marriage – or so everyone thought. In a stunning turn of events, he closes the speech by saying that his speech up until that point consisted of quotes from preachers gone by who attempted to justify racism, and since contemporary pastors are using the same lines of reasoning to justify an anti-SSM stance, we should allow same sex marriage.

Don’t take my word for it – watch his speech below: 

My friend and colleague Tom Gilson has posted an excellent text and video response in direct response to the video. I highly encourage you to read that post and watch that video – Tom does a thorough (but polite and respectful) job of debunking the speech. Rather than give another Christian response (which Tom and others have already done), I want to take a secular perspective against same sex marriage. Are all arguments against SSM strictly from religious grounds? I’m a fan of savvy media, so I thought I would share this little video that makes a case against same-sex-marriage from a secular standpoint as my contribution to this viral sensation.

If this secular argument against same sex marriage is a good argument, then the issue cannot be pigeonholed to a matter of supposed Christian bigotry. A good argument is a good argument, no matter where it comes from, and unlike Phil’s “argument,” good secular arguments against same sex marriage exist and should be taken seriously.
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