18 Questions: An Invitation to My Atheist Friends

As a worldview, can atheism, naturalism, and materialism answer some of most fundamental questions of human experience?

If a worldview cannot produce a sufficient explanation to the wide variety of phenomena and realities that humans observe in this universe, if it has little or no explanatory power or explanatory scope, it should be abandoned in favor of another worldview.

I am extending a cordial invitation for a serious thinker to begin to publicly dialogue with me on these issues via a video conversation.  If you are a good representative of your worldview, if you really believe it to be true, make a short video answering the 18 fundamental questions that I pose.  Rather than short insulting comments, will someone courageously and intelligently represent the atheistic worldview by producing a short video with a serious response to these issues?

I eagerly await to see if someone will put their money where their mind is, and sincerely hope to begin a friendly, intelligent, genuine dialogue via video about the fundamental questions.



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About Nelis Ebersohn and Jason Dennett

Nelis Ebersohn and Jason Dennett from Intelligent Faith lives in San Juan Puerto Rico. They both attend Calvary Chapel of Puerto Rico where Jason is the teaching Pastor. After a 2 year study on the truth claims about Christianity, Jason gave his life to Christ in 1998. Nelis committed his life in 2004 and has been involved in apologetics ever since. They have an apologetics website, intelligentfaith315.com, you can visit their YouTube channel at youtube.com/user/intelligentfaith315, download their smartphone app, IF315, visit them on Facebook or Twitter. They also have an apologetics radio program on their local Christian radio station and various podcasts on iTunes.