The Resurrection of Jesus: A Look at the Evidence

Resurrection-soldiers at the tomb

While Christians know Jesus lives, is it reasonable for them to believe in the Resurrection based on the evidence? A part 3 look at the evidence.



The Art of Biblical Integrity for the Christian Intellectual

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The Big History Project

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Resurrection-soldiers at the tomb

The Resurrection of Jesus: A Look at the Evidence

I can’t lay claim to being great at planning, as I had intended to finish this series some time ago. But with it being Holy Week, and with Easter just around the corner, it seemed a perfect time to … [Read More...]


Who Are We? Personal Identity and The Walking Dead

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Understanding the arguments in God’s not Dead: Part III of III

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What Did the Disciples See?

  Introduction When it comes to the Christian faith, there is no doctrine more important than the resurrection of Jesus. Biblical faith is not simply centered in ethical and religious … [Read More...]


Answering An Islamic Objection: The Justice of Penal Substitution

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Can You Argue Someone Into The Kingdom?

A while back I was listening to Greg Koukl's radio show "Stand to Reason," and a caller challenged the need for apologetics. His main concerns were that nobody could be "argued" into the Kingdom and … [Read More...]

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Four Reasons You Should Attend the 2014 CrossExamined Instructor Academy

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Does the Mosaic Law Apply to Christians? (Conclusion)

(I continue a possible solution to this question from part 1 last month) Before moving to a possible solution, it is pertinent to understand the purpose of the Mosaic Law in the Old Testament. … [Read More...]