EQUIPPED Vol. 1 No. 1: In The Beginning – Evidence for the Existence of God

EQUIPPED Vol. 1 No. 1: In The Beginning – Evidence for the Existence of God

EQUIPPED – A CAA Quarterly Vol. 1 No. 1.


Paul – Apostle or Fraud (Part 10)

Opposition to Paul’s apostleship did not end at his death. The same group of Judaizers Paul warned about in his epistles continued to oppose the freedom Paul had preached to Gentiles. “Stand fast … [Read More...]


Is There a Conceited and Arrogant God Forcing Us to Worship Him?

I love tough questions, and students who want to throw their "skeptical curveballs." Sometimes a skeptic will present an objection with the thinking that there is no way it can be answered. Such was … [Read More...]


The Divinity of Jesus. Part Two: Did Jesus Claim to be God?

Did Jesus claim to be God? This is a weighted question. The God of the Jews is “God the Father” from a Christian perspective. Did Jesus ever claim to be God the Father? Confusion over this issue … [Read More...]


“Naturalism or Christian Theism: Where Does the Evidence Point?” TreeSearch Founder Blake Giunta Debates Justin Schieber

I want to draw readers’ attention to a great debate that recently took place at the University of Texas at Dallas, between Blake Giunta, the founder of a recently-developed online apologetics resource … [Read More...]


Islamic Fundamentalism, Islamism and Extremism – Introduction

“The mere fact of adherence to Islam has profound political consequences.” - Daniel Pipes, In the Path of God: Islam and Political Power. The topic  of Islamic fundamentalism, Islamism, and … [Read More...]


Armchair Proof For Existence Of God

Does a being that is God1 exist? Before we can disagree on whether or not a being that is God exists, we need to agree on what a being that is God is. There cannot be any disagreement unless there is … [Read More...]

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EQUIPPED Vol. 1 No. 1: In The Beginning – Evidence for the Existence of God

EQUIPPED - A CAA Quarterly Vol. 1 No. 1: EQUIPPED 1.1 2014-10 The Christian Apologetics Alliance Statement of Faith is the foundation for the overarching topics on which issues of EQUIPPED are … [Read More...]


Book Review: “The Resurrection of Jesus” by Mike Licona

When it comes to the truth of Christianity, no subject is more important than the Resurrection. The entire Christian faith hinges on it, and without it our faith becomes pointless. The apologetic task … [Read More...]


The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner took the YA world by storm in 2009, winning the New York State Charlotte Award, the Kentucky Bluegrass Award, the Oregon Reader’s Choice Award the New Hampshire Isinglass Teen Read … [Read More...]


Frozen- The Eyewitness of “No Greater Love”

Before I go into any content about this movie, I want to warn the reader that there are major spoilers in this post. A thorough examination of the message behind the movie is not the intention of this … [Read More...]